20 June 2019

On June 17th at the Milan Triennale Chorustyle spring / summer 2020 collection was launched, with both male and female proposals.

“Even if it is Milan Man Fashion Week, we have decided to present a collection in a sporty style, suitable for both men and women,” explains Gianluigi Belotti, Chorustyle’s CEO.

The collection is inspired by two iconic sports: tennis and the free body. The daily style is reinterpreted in a sporty key through a modern and sophisticated approach. “We’ve thought about strong and particular proposals for spring/summer,” says Belotti.

The Chorustyle proposals, both for men and women, are increasingly characterized by natural and eco-sustainable products through the use of Oeko-tex certified fabrics. They reflect the brand’s mission, which aims to enhance well-being. The garments are designed for consumers who live in cities, but they love open spaces and the outdoors, with a dynamic lifestyle between nature and urban spaces.

The inspiration comes from the famous Fallingwater, the masterpiece of organic architecture, designed by the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The style draws from the geometric and light cuts of the House on the waterfall, where the harmony between the built environment and the natural environment, between mankind and nature, outlines a futuristic way of life. A concept akin to Chorustyle’s philosophy. The comfort, the clean lines and the expressive freedom of those who dress, well present in the mood of the Chorustyle spring summer 2020 collection, are extremely in line with Wright’s thought.

In line with the inspiration, the color palette presents natural nuances as opposed to fluo pop details. The bases are fresh and dynamic and range from white to mélange gray. They are integrated with green, purple, silver and lime cuts. To enrich the chromatic proposal, also vitamin orange and fluorescent details. A warm tone of must characterizes sports fabrics.

“We address to a youthful target that is not necessarily young. Because it is important to feel young in spirit, always wanting to get back into the game, “concludes Belotti.

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