a penchant for excellence

Our vision is one of beauty that plunges its roots into history, but that also looks to the present day, translating itself into objects which express originality, allure and balance.

A penchant for excellence, experi- enced not as the ultimate goal, but as a forma mentis of all of the people that make up CHORUSTYLE‘s mosaic of experience, knowledge, and skill.


A willingness to experiment with new shapes, new materials, and new technology is at the essence of every one of CHORUSTYLE‘s products and projects.

Furnishingsfashion and decorative objects are the three dimensions through which our concept of beauty and well-being take shape and which characterise the Italian lifestyle. These three product lines comprise the ensemble of our cata- logue and are united by the creative flair and expressive strength that have given ‘Made in Italy’ a distinc- tive value which is recognised worldwide.