Collections inspired by the “Sporty Chic” spirit and dedicated to those who love elegance
without sacrificing comfort and a serene and sophisticated lifestyle,
oriented towards well-being in everyday life.
The quality of the fabrics, the originality of the cut, the attention to the finishes are essential characteristics of every look. The items of clothing are designed for her and for him, who interrelate as if they were sister and brother.
SHE is a girl who lives, studies and works in a dynamic and avant-garde city. Her style, simple and linear, follows her nature, fresh, cheerful and smart. She loves pure raw materials and dresses casually: she does not seek attention and does not want to impose herself as a protagonist, but she cuts out an important role for herself in her daily life, thanks to her personal vision of the world.
HE – ironic and up-to-the-minute – loves to alternate moments of study and work with outdoor sports. He is attentive to details, even the smallest ones, that make the difference within a clean and linear style.
He prefers sober hues to bright colors, essence to emphasis. He lives in the city but frequently escapes into nature. Like his sister, he loves good food, good wine and serenity.