In lacquered wood, it comes complete with two operating and two service stations.
The round profile fits harmoniously into the spaces, creating a sober and functional
but at the same time comfortable and welcoming work environment.

OASIS table/desk

A stylistic choice that gives life to a sinuous, enveloping and dynamic piece of furniture. This is the design of OASIS, a desk that furnishes an environment in a functional way and makes it personal and welcoming. A masterpiece that evokes an emotion, an imaginary, an idea in which to find full freedom of expression.

The desk has a unique design, not constrained by a specific and immediately identifiable form, but an object free from any convention so as to be freely interpreted and experienced.
This desk was created with the intention of combining form and matter: soft lines and grooves that break down the divisions and conventions, bring the interlocutors closer together in a dialogue and give harmony to the positions. The touch of color, finally, white, teal or Masai red, gives further personality and strength to this creation that blends perfectly integrating with the environment that hosts it and makes it protagonist.

AR O6000M W9098 099White brilliant
AR O6000M W9098 299Masai Red
AR O6000M W9098 499Teal
AR O6000M W9098 098Lackered wood