Chorustyle’s product range is the expression of new lifestyles and work, projected on modernity and innovation,
while maintaining a “made in Italy” crafted DNA, vital fulcrum of the entire Furnishing line: this is how the new philosophy of Workplace 3.0 is born.

POINT Revolving tray


Chorustyle signed furniture is characterized by a series of fundamental components: aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality, eco-sustainable materials and respect for the environment.

A timeless style in which the purity of glass meets the essentiality of aluminum and joins the perfection of the circle in an accessory that furnishes and at the same time conquers for its functionality: this is the Point revolving tray, suitable for all the environments of everyday life, from homes to offices, created to “improve the world in which we live”.

OG P7000S X9100 707 Small aluminum glass tray (diameter 60 cm) 9.5 kg
OG P7000M X9100 707 Medium aluminum glass tray (diameter 80 cm) 18 kg