A masterpiece that stands beyondtime and fashion,
meticulously designed in every technical and stylistic detail.


From the genius and artistic sensibility of Tino Sana comes a unique, exclusive and precious work. Original interpretation of the myth and futuristic style, inimitable creation for admirers and lovers of beauty.

This iconic Tino Sana piece for CHORUSTYLE is absolute harmony between shape and content, it is the exaltation of technology, culture and passion for wood and its virtues.

The result of the artisan mastery and the deep knowledge of the raw material that blend with innovation and engineering, the Tino Sana bicycle is the first completely made of wood, with the exception of the movement and jointing mechanisms, with an innovative design and brilliant colors that attract the attention of the observer and fascinate him.

The bicycle is a jewel that invites contemplation, fascinates those who observe it and exalts who owns it: a unique piece, numbered with fire-proof and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, emblem of value and refinement.

OG W8002M W8800 060 WOODART bike, numbered with fire-proof