Luxury items: the Italian design of Chorustyle

From the wooden bike to the gold furniture, the charm of Made in Italy

What is beauty? Chorustyle wants to propose a new concept of beauty. The brand with a valuable and original Italian design offers reflections on harmony and form. Chorustyle wonders about these issues by developing high quality proposals. Luxury items, unique design clothes and luxury furnishings are the protagonists of this journey to discover Chorustyle. From the beauty of the shapes arise emotions that invite us to reflect. Italian luxury design is changing and moving towards new directions. The continuous search for beauty leads us to discover new sensations and allows us to find new and unexpected solutions. Here are born products with an original design such as the decorative statues of Laki and Nikko and the wooden bike Woodart born from the skill of Tino Sana.

Gold decor: Laki and Nikko, the perfect Italian luxury design object

Luxury items find new forms of expression: Laki and Nikko become symbols of a new concept of luxury. The two cats born from Chorustyle’s inspiration represent the synthesis between form and content. Fascinating, iconic, pop: with their harmonious shapes and their meaningful value, Nikko and Laki become the undisputed protagonists of a new luxury item.

Laki is the cat of fortune, a piece of furniture that winks at the fate and is able to fit into any environment with balance and elegance. Nikko is the cat of serenity, an amazing example of an Italian luxury design object. The two furnishing accessories are available in the gold, silver, bronze, Blue / Green and Lux versions. The gold choice of these luxury items is interesting because it allows to insert the object in an environment where gold plays an important role.

The wooden bike, the charm of vintage

Thanks to Chorustyle, the iconic wooden bike by Tino Sana returns to life. A collector’s item to admire and observe in the smallest details, the ideal object for those who want to stand out. Woodart is the new masterpiece of Chorustyle, suitable for all lovers of beauty. This vintage piece is born from the combination of technology and passion for wood. Born of the artisan mastery, the Tino Sana bicycle is an object that enhances Italian luxury design and invites the observer to reflect on every detail of the wooden bike.

Fashion and furniture

Not just luxury items, Chorustyle is also fashion and furniture. Style, personality and elegance come together and give life to unique pieces. As for fashion, the collections have a “Sporty Chic” taste and are dedicated to those who love elegance without sacrificing comfort. The looks for him and her are characterized by a fresh and modern style. In addition to fashion collections, Chorustyle offers furniture solutions. Oasis, Chorustyle’s desk, is an example of quality Italian design. The furniture becomes sinuous, enveloping and colorful. Oasis is the desk suitable for different types of environment, an object that can make us reflect on the relationship between functionality and beauty.

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